FASTER & EASIER with the zero serie CPU

zero from nexo is a series of CODESYS programmable embedded single board based on ARM microcontroller.

Every board comes with a ready to use CODESYS runtime license.

The runtime adaption provides the support of the most common peripherals like touch LCD display, digital and analog I/O, communication ports.

Fieldbus communication stacks and Motion control libraries are also available.

zero is available with various CPU classes to fit almost any requirement, from the ARM CORTEX M3/M4 to the powerful ARM CORTEX A9 Tegra 2 dual core processor.

With zero you can build your own product and make it programmable with the IEC 61131-3 standard CODESYS development system.

Your application will become easy to develop and maintain, keeping the flexibility and cost effectiveness of a custom product.

With zero you have the best of both worlds, custom hardware and standard software.

PLC, visualization, motion control programming, fieldbus communication and configuration are all available within one integrated and easy to use development system.

Just mount zero on your own electronics, follow some simple directions and your custom product will become programmable with the IEC 61131-3 standard.


Low cost while powerful, zeroM implements, on an ARM CORTEX M3/M4, a multitasking CODESYS V3 runtime with a proprietary RTOS. Alphanumeric and graphic display with touch screen support, matrix keyboard, Modbus RTU master stack with built in configurator, analog and digital I/O and incremental encoder input are some of the hardware supported by the zeroM runtime.

It is currently available as software module aimed to large volume projects.



zeroT is based on  Colibri T20 module from Toradex. We put in this powerful CPU a multitasking CODESYS V3 adaption for Windows Embedded Compact 7. Apart the standard CODESYS PLC and HMI with zero T you have:

- support for capacitive touch screen,

- realtime ethercat and CAN master stack,

- motion control with interpolation. 



zero is POWERED BY

CODESYS is a software platform especially designed to fulfill the many different requirements of modern industrial automation projects. The IEC 61131-3 Development System is the heart of CODESYS. It offers integrated, user-friendly solutions to support the user in developing his task.

Within one integrated IEC 61131-3 development system  you have everything you need to program your PLC application together with HMI and Motion Control functionalities. CODESYS also offers an extensive fieldbus support including everything from communication POUs to configurators and portable protocol stacks.


zeroM is a CODESYS runtime adaption for the NXP LPC18xx ARM CORTEX M3 and the NXP LPC43xx ARM CORTEX M4 microcontroller. It is provided as executable firmware module to be used to program the microcontroller. It is typically used for large volume projects where the customer normally develops its own hardware and uses our zeroM to make it CODESYS programmable.

The runtime adaption provides also the embedded target visualization, with the possibility to design the HMI directly with the integrated CODESYS software platform. It supports matrix keyboard, alphanumeric displays, single color graphic display and color touch screen displays with a maximum resolution of 272x480 pixels.

A TCP stack, a  file system, local I/O (both analog and digital) and a modbus RTU master stack with configurator are available. PLC program download and debug can be done via a serial interface or via ethernet. 

zeroM is suitable for small footprint PLC where, keeping low the final cost, it is desirable to improve the visualisation (replacing for example old 7 segment LED based devices) and to implement communication tasks.

OS Proprietary RTOS
Ethernet Yes
USB Host + device
SD card Yes
Serial RS232/485 Modbus RTU master
Display LCD alphanumeric and graphic up to 480x272
Input system matrix keyboard and resistive touch screen


This is the most powerful CPU of the zero serie. It is based on the Toradex Colibri T20 module with the NVIDIA's Tegra 2 ARM CORTEX A9 MPCORE Dual Core processor @1.0GHz. We implemented almost all CODESYS' advanced features, like visualization with gesture and multitouch support, motion control with interpolation, realtime ethercat and CAN communication.

This makes zeroT suitable for high-end applications where a lot of calculation power is required. 


An industrial grade carrier board is available as hardware design reference as well as ready to use solution.

CPU ARM CORTEX A9 Tegra 2 @1.0GHz
Memory 512MB RAM - 1GB Flash
OS Windows Embedded Compact 7
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
USB Host + device
SD card Yes
Serial RS232/485 Modbus RTU master
CAN Yes with MCP2515
LCD Up to 1920x1080 DVI and 1680x1050 RGB
Input system resistive and capacitive touch screen

Carrier boards

We developed a carrier board for zeroT that can be used as reference for the hardware design.  

It is built for industrial use so, if the peripherals fit the requirements, the carrier can be directly used into the final application.  

carrier for zeroT
CAN 1 MCP2515
Serial 1xRS232, 1xRS485,
Ethernet 1x10/100 Mbit
USB 1 Host + 1 device
Storage microSD card
LCD support Data Image 7“ 800x480
Touch screen 4wire resistive - projective capacitive
Other RTC with supercap
Supply 24VDC